Can a Cracked TV Screen Be Fixed?

It’s tough to stay in a house without entertainment gadgets. They are a welcome distraction and catch you up with the latest happenings around the globe.

So what if you accidentally got your TV screen cracked? Is there a remedy? Is the solution accessible and affordable?

Well, we’ll get to that in a heartbeat. But first, the basics;

How do you tell if the TV’s screen is broken?

How much does it cost to fix a cracked screen TV?

A cracked screen can be easily detectable if the flaw is physically visible. But that’s not usually the case.

Sometimes the crack happens to the internal mechanisms such as the LCD or the transmission bulb making it undetectable to the eye. 

However, internal screen issues will be evident if the display shows lines, dots, lines, or shading.

Also, if the picture doesn’t fully fit the screen, that’s a tell-tale sign that your TV’s screen is faulty.

The level of damage will determine how much you are likely to spend. And now back to our million-dollar question…

Can A Cracked TV Screen Be Fixed?

It’s not easy to fix a cracked screen especially when the LC (Liquid crystals) layer is no longer intact. This would require the help of a professional and the costs will be high.

A better sound alternative would be to replace the screen entirely.

It costs around $100 to replace a screen on a 32 inch TV.

The figure can change depending on the quality of the replacement parts, who is doing the repair, the amount of labor involved as well as related shipping costs.

It’s a very expensive affair to replace cracked screens on high-end flat, curved, QLED, UHD, LED, and LCD TV models.

That’s the biggest reason why some people opt to buy a new TV instead.

Small cracks, possibly in the corners, can be fixed at a small cost. However, extensive damage to the whole screen will demand full repair or replacement.

What to do with a cracked TV

Some people would opt to throw away a damaged TV to avoid too much clutter in the house. 

But guess what, what if some of those components on it can help you with a future TV problem?

This can only apply if you are that kind of a person that sticks to buying the same TV size from the same brand (which is a rare thing for sure as our tastes and demands change with time).

Another option would be to take it apart and sell the components on eBay or other online shops for acquiring used gear.

Your local electronic service repair possibly won’t mind having it for a few bucks. This can help to offset your losses or contribute a little towards acquiring the next one.

Does the warranty help?

A warranty card will not help if you accidentally cracked your television screen. That paper is there for defects that the product arrived with such as port malfunctions, dead pixels, faulty wiring, etc.

If companies were to advertise big discounts on screen repair or opt to do it for free, they would lose a lot of money.

Why? Because, as we said, it’s common for many people to accidentally break TV screens. And quite unfortunately, repair takes a lot of time or would demand a complete overhaul.

So that would translate into huge losses.

This isn’t usually the case with smartphones. Repairing their cracked screens can be as little as $30 and many companies don’t mind the warranty covering such.

Helpful ways to avoid spending money on cracked TV screens

Ways to avoid breaking tv screen

Want to avoid spending money on frequent TV screen repairs? The following tips could come in handy:

Be cautious while in VR mode

It’s obviously devastating for a TV to crack in the middle of the action. This is a common incident for VR players.

They accidentally smash them anytime they get too close.

For that matter, make sure to keep a good distance or have someone monitor you while immersed in a virtual reality experience.

If you are always alone, then perhaps you need to invest in gears that come with a guard feature. This will notify you if you wander too far from the playing zone.

No TV touching rule

Secondly, inform those around you not to touch the TV screen. Setting such stern boundaries can deter kids from smashing your expensive gadgets.

As for pets, ensure your cat’s claws are trimmed down to avoid scratching the screen. 

Use a better stand

Kids can be disturbingly unruly. You won’t always be able to keep them on a short leash.

The same thing applies to pets. Therefore a sound decision is to have a steady mount with ample space that keeps them a few meters away.

You can put safety traps around it if you suspect something bad might happen soon.

Wall mounts can help to improve the TV’s safety as well. However, that comes with the risk of denting your walls.

Final Thoughts

A cracked TV screen can put a pause to your entertainment schedule. The worst thing is, your warranty won’t probably help to offset the looming expenses.

Hold on…that’s not the worst. Here’s the bitter pill; repair costs could amount to the same figure as buying a brand new one.

So it’s safe to say, if your TV has a broken or cracked screen, you better think about acquiring a new one.

But before you do that, pay your local electronic repair service a visit to see if it might have a working screen. People dump stuff to them often so who knows, you could get lucky.

Lastly, follow the safety tips described earlier to avoid having to deal with a cracked TV screen sooner.