Do Egg Cartons Really Work for Soundproofing?

There are plenty of soundproofing materials in the market, and while most of them are highly effective, some are pretty costly.

When on a budget but looking to soundproof a room, you may wonder what budget-friendly materials you can buy.

Numerous homeowners take a DIY approach to soundproofing by using readily available items, such as egg cartons.

However, before using the egg cartons for soundproofing, it’s crucial to investigate whether they’re an effective soundproofing method.

This article outlines whether egg cartons are an excellent soundproofing option.

Do Egg Cartons Really Work for Soundproofing?

Egg trays for soundproofing a room cheaply

No, egg cartons don’t work well as a soundproofing material.

You see, egg boxes have a very thin cardboard material that allows sound waves to travel directly through them and, as such, are unable to minimize noise. 

However, egg cartons can still slightly reduce echoes through diaphragmatic absorption and sound deflection.

  • Diaphragmatic absorption happens when sound energy strikes the absorber (in this case, the egg carton), which slows it down, reducing the echo. Unfortunately, the egg carton is too thin to be an excellent diaphragmatic absorber. 
  • Sound deflection is when sound waves become refracted, diffracted, scattered, and reflected by an object. Therefore, when the sound waves collide with the egg boxes, they get scattered and deflected thanks to their irregular shape.

Types of Noise

It’s crucial to understand the different types of noise. There are two primary sources of noise.

Hence, understanding them helps you determine the sound you’re trying to block and whether egg cartons are effective in helping you achieve your goal.

Airborne Noise

Airborne noise refers to soundwaves that travel through the air. When the radio plays a song or someone talks, the sound goes through the air until it comes into contact with a solid surface.

Once the waves reach a solid surface, the sound gets dispersed to the surrounding area. 

Structure-Borne Noise

Structure-borne noise gets transmitted through structures. The noise, therefore, occurs as a result of an object making contact with a structure.

Examples of structure-borne noise: footsteps from someone walking or a bouncing ball.

Soundproofing Walls With Egg Cartons

Egg cartons for soundproofing and reducing noise

To fix the egg cartons on the wall, you’ll need the following items:

  • Superglue
  • Industrial adhesive
  • Thumbtacks
  • Nails

Before fixing the cartons, ensure you wipe them clean.

Once clean, you need to glue or pin them on the wall. For effectiveness, attach the crates with other soundproofing materials.

Therefore, you can add soundproofing curtains or blankets on the wall.

Soundproofing Capabilities of Egg Cartons

Even though we assume egg cartons grab sound waves and stop them from colliding with a surface, which prevents sound transmission, they don’t. 

First, egg cartons have a thin material with minimal sound absorbing abilities.

Therefore, you can’t consider egg cartons to be effective soundproofing material, at least not at the levels people expect to achieve in soundproofing. 

Why Egg Cartons are Not Effective in Soundproofing a Room

In theory, egg cartons offer a great soundproofing option. So, what makes them so unsuitable in soundproofing?

Here are the main reasons why they don’t work:

  • They’re just cardboards: Besides their obvious purpose of protecting eggs, egg cartons help reduce echoes. However, since they’re just uniquely shaped cardboards, they can’t do much more than regular cardboard. 
  • The safety of egg cartons is questionable: Egg cartons are a fire hazard. If there were to be a fire incident, the cartons would make the situation worse. So, why have a fire hazard when you can avoid it? 
  • They line up, leaving gaps: While they might help absorb sound, their structure doesn’t add value. The gaps left when using egg cartons limit your ability to insulate noise.

Is there anything you can do? Indeed, there is. 

How to Improve the Effectiveness of Egg Cartons in Soundproofing

If you wish to have egg cartons be more effective in soundproofing, you’ll need to put in some extra effort.

Try the following options to improve on the drawbacks of using egg cartons while soundproofing:

Combine egg cartons with other more effective soundproofing solutions.

For instance, if you don’t want music sounds to leave a room, you should consider lowering the volume. 

Alternatively, if you wish to keep noise from entering the room, keep the room as airtight as possible. Plug all the air gaps on the windows and doors using an acoustic sealant. 

Fill one side of the crate with scraps of fabric or paper.

Use wallpaper paste, starch, or glue to keep the scraps intact in the egg crate. It increases the thickness and density of the crate, thus enhancing the soundproofing ability. 

Add soft materials over the cartons or between the cartons and the walls.

Use old blankets to place them on the wall and attach the egg cartons. Otherwise, you may opt to hang curtains over the egg cartons via curtain railings.

Other Soundproofing Alternatives

How to soundproof a room with egg cartons

Anyone considering using egg cartons for soundproofing is likely looking to save as much money as possible.

While the DIY egg carton soundproofing method may not be effective, there are numerous other cheap ways to use in soundproofing:

Acoustic Panels or Acoustic Foam

It’s cheap to buy acoustic foam or panels, which makes sense when choosing them over egg cartons.

For starters, this option appears more professional compared to egg cartons. Not only that, but they’re also more efficient when it comes to soundproofing.

Soundproofing Panels

If you’re willing to spend some little extra money on soundproofing, then soundproofing panels do a great job. They serve best in smaller areas. 

Since they don’t have to be particularly big, they’re, therefore, not such a huge investment as people might think.

If you’re anticipating a professional setup and you want to spend a little more money, then these panels make an instant difference. 

Soundproofing Blankets

Soundproofing blankets are a little more flexible compared to soundproof curtains.

Most times, people choose these blankets because they’re portable, and you can just keep them stored and use them to fill in gaps when necessary. 

Soundproofing blankets also come in handy when protecting larger instruments like guitars and pianos.

Also, a blanket usually does the trick when you have weird angles that are challenging to reach.

Soundproof Curtains

They are easy to install and do better than egg cartons. In addition, they come in different colors and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find what you need.

Additionally, soundproof curtains go up without issues and are easy to take down if you no longer need them.

Other people choose to leave them on at all times because they often need to use a particular area for longer. 

Furthermore, the curtains prevent intense lighting and sound from coming in. 

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool resembles mattered sheep wool, and you can use it for soundproofing. It constitutes inorganic mineral materials.

Sweep Kits and Door Sealing Gasket

These items stop noise from entering a room through cracks in unsealed areas around windows and under doors. 

Anti-vibration Pads

If you intend to run a home studio, consider using anti-vibration pads to help absorb vibrations emitted by speakers. Thus, you simply place the speakers on the pads.

These pads come in handy, especially if you live in a semi-detached or terraced house and wouldn’t want to upset your neighbors. 


How Effective Are Egg Cartons For Soundproofing?

The primary function of egg crates is to cushion eggs and help reduce vibration. Therefore, they don’t help minimize sound effectively because they lack the same acoustic value as foam materials.

Still, they help reduce echoes and sound at certain levels. 

How Do You Soundproof a Room With Egg Cartons?

Install foam or fabric pieces inside the carton’s openings before hanging them on the wall to make soundproofing work using egg cartons.

Doing this helps improve the cartons’ density, thus enhancing their ability to absorb sound.

Why Are Egg Cartons Good For Soundproofing?

Egg cartons are suitable for soundproofing because they help reduce echoes. Additionally, they help deaden sound, which you can also achieve with cardboard over your wall. 

Does Egg Crate Foam Absorb Sound?

For excellent noise and sound control, egg crate foam helps absorb noise while reducing reverberation times.

Hence, broadcasting studios, home theatres, recording studios, and other commercial and industrial applications use egg crate foam soundproofing.

Final Thoughts

Egg cartons help reduce sound echoes, and they cost almost nothing.

They won’t absorb or dampen unwanted noise 100%, but they’re an affordable option that makes them worth the hassle. Hence, they’re a cheap and flexible soundproofing solution.

However, invest in other soundproofing options available online for better soundproofing results. The days of assuming that egg cartons offer a soundproofing solution are over.