How to Fix Roku Low Power Alert

If you’re using your Roku device and you see a “Low Power Alert,” that means your device is running low on power and needs to be charged.

After some research, we discovered several methods you can use to fix this problem.

This article will cover what a Roku low power alert is, the different methods you can use to fix a Roku low power alert, and how to know that the problem has been solved.

How to Fix Roku Low Power Alert

Why does my TV say insufficient power?

You can fix Roku’s low power alert by using different methods such as plugging the USB cable into a power outlet and unplugging then replugging it into a different port.

The newest Roku3 model uses about 3.5 watts when streaming HD video. The steaming sticks use even less power, about 2.5 watts. When idle, both of them use about 2 watts.

What Is a Roku Low Power Alert?

A Roku low power alert is a message that appears on your TV screen when your Roku player is running low on battery power.

The message will say, “Your Roku is running low on power. Please connect your Roku to a power source.”

Your Roku player’s power light may flash red when the message appears.

Fixing Roku Low Power Alert

How to fix 'insufficient power' or 'low power' warning in Roku

Seeing the Roku low power alert can be frustrating.

You’re in the middle of watching your favorite show, and suddenly the screen goes black, and a message pops up saying that your Roku is low on power.

However, you can use a few methods to try and fix this issue.

Unplugging Its USB Cable and Replugging It Back In

You can try unplugging the Roku’s USB cable connecting it to your television and then replugging it back in.

This may reset the power issue and allow you to continue watching your show.

Steps to Follow

  1. Unplug the power source of your Roku device from the socket
  2. Remove the USB cable that is connecting the device to your TV
  3. Wait for about four minutes, and then replug your Roku’s USB cable to your TV
  4. Replug your Rokus power source to the socket and switch on your TV.

Use a Different Port for the USB Cable

Connect the Roku’s USB cable to a different TV port.

This may help if the original port was damaged or not working correctly. However, this is applicable only if you have more than one USB port on your television.

So make sure your TV has multiple USB ports before you proceed with this method.

Replace the USB Cable

If the first two methods don’t work, you can try replacing the Roku’s USB cable with a new one.

This might be the issue if the original cable was damaged or not working properly.

Plug Your Roku into a Wall Outlet

If you’re using a Roku Stick, you can try plugging it into a wall outlet instead of using the USB port on your TV. This may provide enough power to fix the low power issue.

You can also enjoy an uninterrupted power supply as there are no chances of the power going off and watch your favorite show without interruption.

Do Not Use Extension Cords

Remove the extension cord if you’re using one, and plug the device directly into the outlet.

This may help if the extension cord is not providing enough power to the Roku.

Clear the Cache from Your Roku Device

You can try clearing the cache on your Roku device by following the following steps, which may help fix the low power alert.

  1. Press the home button five times on your Roku’s remote
  2. Press the up button 
  3. Press the rewind button twice 
  4. Press the up button
  5. Press the fast forward button.

After completing the above steps, you will see a message on your screen that says, “this will clear cached data.” You can select “OK” to confirm and clear the cache.

Clean All the Connections

You can try cleaning all the connections if you still see the low power alert. This includes the power cord, the HDMI cable, and the USB cable.

You can use a can of compressed air to clean the connections.

It would be best if you did not clean the connections by blowing air directly from your mouth as this can damage the connections and cause more problems.

Let Your Roku Device Rest for a Few Minutes

If you’ve tried all the above methods and still see the low power alert, you can try letting your Roku device rest for a few minutes.

This may help if a temporary power surge causes the issue. It would help if you also remembered that the low power alert could be caused by overheating.

Resetting Your Television

You can try resetting your television if you’ve tried all the above methods and still see the low power alert.

This may help if a problem with your TV causes the issue. You can reset your TV by unplugging it from the power outlet for a few minutes and then plugging it back in.

It would be best to use the television manual to be familiar with specific instructions on resetting your TV.

Replace the Adapter If You Are Using Roku Boxes

If you have a Roku box and are using an adapter, you can try replacing the adapter. This may help if the original adapter is not working correctly.

Replace Other Cords and Cables

If you’ve tried all the above methods and still see the low power alert, you can try replacing other cords and cables.

This includes the power cord, the HDMI cable, and the USB cable. You can buy new cords and cables from the Roku website or a local electronics store.

How to Know If the Problem Is Fixed

After trying the above methods, you will know if you have fixed the low power. You can check if the Roku’s power light is solid and not blinking.

The Roku is powered and works correctly if the power light is solid.

If the power light is blinking, the Roku is still low on power, and you will need to replace the Roku device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Roku after Power Outage?

You may need to reset the device if your Roku device is unresponsive or frozen after a power outage.

You can reset it by:

1. Pressing the home button 5 times
2. Press once the up arrow button
3. Press twice the rewind button
4. Press twice the fast forward button

Your Roku device will restart though you will wait for a few seconds.

Does the Roku Need to Be Plugged into a Power Source?

Roku devices require a power source to operate. You can find the specific power requirements for each Roku model in the documentation with the device.

If you want to use a USB port to power your Roku device, you will need to connect the USB cable to both the power source and the Roku device.

What if My Problem is Not Fixed?

If you’ve tried all the above methods and still see the low power alert, you will need to replace your Roku device.

You can also contact Roku customer support for help.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be alarmed if you see a low power alert on your Roku device. It simply means the machine is running out of juice and needs a recharge.

Knowing these various methods, you can use to fix the problem will help you get back to watching your favorite shows in no time.