Steps To Get Rid Of Gasoline Smell from Clothes

Gasoline odor and stains are the hardest to get rid of. It helps if you are extra vigilant when dealing with gasoline on fabric as it is flammable.

Some of us may have the usual gasoline spills due to the nature of our work. For example, if you work at an auto repair shop or a gas station, you are bound to go through this misery now and then.

The pungent odor of gasoline is toxic. It can also damage your clothes and make them unsuitable for wearing later.

Before you begin

How to remove gasoline odors and stains from clothes

It would help if you did not wash gasoline-stained clothes with other garments in your laundry basket.

If you can smell the fumes and stains that aren’t there, know that gasoline traces are still within the fabric.

A few other measures you should take before you begin dealing with the gasoline-stained clothes are:

  • Test the detergent or cleaning solution on the affected spot to ensure it doesn’t fade its color
  • The heat from dryer and cleaning chemicals could interact with the stains, making them more rigid
  •  Hand over the task to professional cleaners if the fabric is “dry clean only”
  • Don’t toss the clothes in the dryer until the stain completely vanishes

How to get the gas smell off clothes?

Gasoline catches fire quickly because of its flammable properties. So, it would help if you were cautious when removing its stain or smell.

The steps mentioned in this guide will help you learn how to get the gas smell out of clothes. Let’s begin!

Step # 1: Extract the excess gasoline

Clothes completely damp with gasoline are better off when discarded. However, it is possible to deal with minor stains.

Use paper towels or a rag to blot the stain. This will remove excess traces of fuel on the clothes.

An alternative step is to cover the stain with baking soda. Let it rest on the color for five minutes, so it soaks up the residue.

During this step, it extracts a significant portion of the smell too.

Step # 2: Use a laundry detergent or a liquid dish soap for the stains

Liquid dishwashing soap is a product that eliminates greasy stains. You can also treat the color with an enzyme-based detergent if there is no specialized laundry detergent in your house.

Use a soft-bristled brush to mix the two tablespoons of liquid detergent. Let it stay on the clothes for five minutes before you soak it into water.

You have to soak the clothing in the hottest water for 30 minutes. Make sure that the temperature is suitable for the fabric type.

Step # 3: Treat with vinegar and baking soda for the smell

Tossing the garments into the washing machine once the stain is gone isn’t the correct strategy.

Instead, soak the clothing in a concoction with an equal vinegar and hot water mixture. The vinegar breaks gasoline without damaging the clothes.

Keep clothes in this mixture for 30 minutes. If the smell persists, keep it in for 30 minutes more.

Step # 5: Dry clothes on the line

You must air dry the clothes to avoid a fire incident. Once you have washed your clothes, hang them in an open area for them to get plenty of air.

Alternative products to deal with gasoline smell

How To Get Gasoline Smell Out Of Clothings

Following are some other ways to resort if you are searching how to get the gas smell off clothes:

Ammonia solution

Another way to remove the deep gasoline odor is to soak clothes in a washer filled with water and household ammonia. It gives out a pungent smell, so keep the bucket shut.

You have to soak for many hours or overnight. In the end, dry the fabric like other washed clothes.


Another product that takes us by surprise is Coca-cola. The beverage contains acidic properties that help to break down the stains.

You have to add a box of baking soda and a couple of Coke cans in a sink full of cold water. Immerse the affected clothes in the sink.

The Coke deals with the stain, and the soda absorbs the foul smell. Then, you have to drain and wash the fabric the following day.

You will notice a vast difference as the odor and stain are likely gone.

Beware! Wash the clothes separately

Even though we mentioned it earlier, one should know the severity of this move.

Gasoline will make the material flammable. It is imperative to wash the stained clothes yourself and not keep them with the others.

There is a risk of contaminating other garments.

Besides this, you should also wash the affected clothes in the hottest setting. It keeps the material color-safe.

Make sure you use a fragrance-free laundry detergent because gasoline and detergent smell could create a pungent odor.

Lastly, run the washer on the hot water cycle to clean it all over.


How does vinegar help to remove gasoline from clothes?

Yes, vinegar has the properties which can break down gasoline without damaging your clothes. It would be best to soak the clothes in it for half an hour to extract the stain.

If it remains, keep it for 30 minutes more.

How much vinegar do we use to get the gasoline smell out of clothes?

In most cases, one cup of vinegar is sufficient. Its acidic properties can remove stains.

How long does it take for the gasoline smell to go away?

If you follow the steps to remove the gasoline smell from clothes, you can extract the odor within an hour.

However, it requires intense washing and following the steps carefully.

Final Thoughts

These methods should help you remove the stain and odor of gasoline from your clothes. If the smell keeps lingering, we suggest that you keep trying these methods.

Otherwise, seek help from professional cleaners.

We hate breaking it to you but sometimes, discarding the clothes is your only option.

It would help not to dry the clothes until the odor is completely gone. This keeps you from hazardous incidents and the fabric from retaining the stains.