How to Install a Ceiling Fan in a Modular Home

If you want to help cool your modular home, a ceiling fan can help you do it.

Ceiling fans are easy to install and come in many different looks that are sure to fit your home well.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan in a Modular Home

If you decide that you want to learn how to install a ceiling fan in a modular home, you will be happy to know that it is not a complicated process, and this is one project you can easily do yourself.

Materials You Will Need

  • Ceiling fan
  • Ladder
  • Drill
  • Prybar
  • Screwdriver
  • Drywall saw
  • ½ inch ceiling fan box
  • Pencil

Step One

You will need to determine where you are going to put your ceiling fan. Typically, they are placed in the middle of the room.

You will want to make sure that you have enough clearance to install the fan.

You will now want to turn the power off to the circuit of the switch you will be using. If you do not cut the power off, you will be shocked.

If you already have an existing light fixture, you will want to remove that by removing the screws and disconnecting the wire nuts on all of the wires.

Step Two

If you have an existing light, you will want to remove the lightbox from the area. You may have to remove it with a prybar if it has been nailed to a joint.

You will then want to get out the ceiling fan-approved lightbox and center it on the ceiling joint. Trace around it with a pencil.

You will then want to use the saw to cut out around the pencil markings.

Place the fan box into the hole and use the two screws that are included with the fan kit.

If you have a ceiling mandolin, you will want to use it to cover any holes and then cover the base of the fan.

Step Three

Take the fan portion and sit it on the floor.

Now feed the wires from the motor out through the top of the fan. You will then feed the wires through the rod pipe and then set it with a screw.

Step Four

Now you will want to install the fan bracket to the ceiling box. You will use this doing 1 ½ inch screws.

Make sure that you pull all the wires into the center of the bracket and then hook one side of the canopy into the ceiling plate.

You will now hook the green wires in the fan to the copper ground cable. Make sure that you use the caps provided.

You will then do the same with the white wires and the black wires. You will want to ensure that all the wires are snugly secure.

Step Five

You will now hook up the other side of the fan canopy and mount it.

Make sure that the canopy screws are tightened. The fan blades can now be attached.

After you have the fan blades attached, you can turn the power back on and test the ceiling fan for functionality.

The Benefits of Installing A Ceiling Fan

If you already have an HVAC system installed in your modular home, you probably are not thinking much about having ceiling fans.

However, ceiling fans can help circulate the air of your home and help keep you cool.

Here are the benefits that you should consider when thinking about installing a ceiling fan.

Cooling power

A ceiling fan can help you to stay cool. The air conditioner in your house works great, but a ceiling fan can help move the air around more effectively.

Also, feeling the air moving from a ceiling fan can help to wick away sweat from your skin which in turn can keep you feeling cooler.

Lower energy costs

You can offset some of your cooling costs by raising your thermostat’s temperature setting and turning on the ceiling fans.

If it is cooler outside, you can turn your air conditioner off and just use your ceiling fans.


Ceiling fans can be placed in any room, including areas like your deck and patio.


A ceiling fan can be a great décor piece. There are many different styles and types that will add character to any room.

Heating improvements

In the wintertime, you can reverse the direction your ceiling fan goes, and it can help to provide warmth in your rooms.

When it is on, it helps your heating system to spread warm air through the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about ceiling fans.

How do I choose what kind of ceiling fan I need?

There are several different things that you will want to consider when purchasing ceiling fans for your modular home.

You will want to consider what size you want and, of course, the color.

You will also want to find one that offers you the maximum airflow that you can get to help cool and heat your home effectively.

How do ceiling fans cool a room?

A ceiling fan helps to blow cooler air around the room, which helps to dry the sweat on your body, making you feel much cooler.

What direction should I have my ceiling fan on in the summer months?

During the summer months, your ceiling fan should be in the counterclockwise direction.

How does a ceiling fan save energy?

There are ceiling fans on the market that will give you overall energy savings.

Since you will feel cooler with a ceiling fan, you will be able to set your thermostat at a higher temperature, helping to cut your energy use.

Final Thoughts

If you do not have ceiling fans in your modular home and you want to learn how how to install a ceiling fan in a modular home, you should do so.

Ceiling fans can help you feel cooler and help move air around your house, which can improve air quality.

Ceiling fans can also help to increase the value of your modular home as it can be a huge selling point for potential buyers.