How to Keep Birds off Porch? (Humane Ways)

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then we can agree that your porch says a lot about the interior of your house.

This tiny architectural space is a place where you can have plenty of seating to relax, socialize, read a book, or muse about the complexities of life. 

Some people go the extra mile to give their porch a serious makeover with flower vases, expensive sofas, pillows, and not to mention artificial turf on the floor.

Now, imagine you have gone to such great lengths to revamp your porch, giving it an unbelievably luxurious feel, and then fowls come to lounge there like it’s an aviary. Dropping poop everywhere. 

It must be disappointingly tedious to have to do cleaning every day, wiping the chairs, and having to stash some away because they are full of bird waste.

Are you curious to learn how to keep birds off the porch? Well then, keep your boots on because we are about to start boogieing.

How to Keep Birds off Porch—Humane Ways Only

How to humanely get rid of birds

You don’t have to kill feathery fellows to get them permanently off your porch.

Here are humane ways you to send them off for good:

Get rid of any nesting material

Like a hound on a blood trail, birds too will go after twigs, dried leaves, and anything that can help them set up a nest.

So as you see, it wasn’t their intention to land on your porch.

It just happened they saw raw materials for their building and before they left, relieved themselves on your chairs and some pecked them as well.

So it goes without saying that your compound should be free from dried leaves and twigs.

If a tree on your compound extends to your porch, why don’t you clip it to allow the sun’s full glow to light up the porch?

What if a bird has already nested? Then don’t kick it away.

There are two prudent choices; safely relocate it if you can. If you can’t, get wildlife experts to help you.

Employ repellent devices 

Running out of patience is common when fowls have unleashed an unimaginable mess on your porch.

In this case, you can employ repellent devices that emit a sound that annoys birds.

Thankfully, the sound these gadgets produce has a special frequency that makes it almost imperceptible to human ears.

Note this; before you resort to bird repellent devices, understand that dogs might catch the sound from repellent devices and it could annoy them too.

But since thick walls can stop it, you can have your pets locked inside your house.

For the safety of your pet, don’t keep bird repellent devices on all day every day.

After all, birds, like humans, are creatures of habit and once you piss them off a couple of times, they won’t return.

Get rid of the bird feeder

How to keep birds from pooping on your front porch

If you are a bird watcher, maybe you genuinely put their feeder outside hoping to enjoy the show every now and then.

At first, their poop and noise didn’t scare you. It was a small price you were willing to pay.

However, if that price has burgeoned, then it’s okay to back out of the deal. Just don’t feed them anymore and soon they will relocate.

Oh, you don’t want to be that cruel to the feathery friends? Well, read the next point.

Place a bird feeder far from the porch

If all you want is birds off your porch, then relocate the feeder to a remote area of your compound.

Make the top of your porch irritating to land on

Birds will absolutely nest on your porch if it has open rafters and the lighting is to their liking. Redesigning the top or getting rid of the lighting source are costs no one wants to deal with.

So what’s the way forward? 

Installing spikes. Yes, that’s exactly what we are saying.

Most people would go for plastic spikes but reviews indicate that birds navigate them and some even find them a nifty foundation to build their nests. 

The best option would be the metallic varieties. They are usually about 48 cm long and come in various lengths.

Cut a piece and put it around the lighting source. Thereafter, use the remaining to make the roofing ledge disturbing to land on.

Use big bird replicas

Are woodpeckers and other birds leaving nasty surprises on your porch?

If you answered yes, then perhaps it’s time you buy a copycat of their intimidator. It’s going to scare them off your property.

There are many visual deterrents you can try out like owl, eagle, octopus, and goose decoys. Non-moving visuals can do the magic if you keep changing their positions.

However, there are advanced decoys that feature motion (rotation), scary predatory sounds, and wing flapping designed to go off after a preset timer. They can be costly though.

Keep a cat or dog

Best bird deterrent

Get your cat and dog to get used to strolling or relaxing in and around the porch.

A dog will chase away birds but not with the intention of preying on them. Cats, however, will chase with the intention of making a meal out of them.

If this hunting goes on for a while, the nasty experience your porch displays will deter feathery fellows from visiting again. But this method has a weakness.

Both cats and dogs will get tired of chasing once they realize they can never catch a bird. Therefore, be ready to complement this method with bird repellent fragrances.

Make use of wind chimes

Birds will always flap away when they hear scary sounds. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to invest in a couple of wind chime bird deterrents.

While at it, pick something decorative that can augment your porch décor.

Since reflective surfaces tend to scare away birds, you could consider shiny wind chimes as well. But we feel you might need to trade off decorative elements.

But if you are good at research, you should be able to find a wind chime that’s both elegant and shiny.

Use a motion-activated sprinkler

If your porch is close or is surrounded by lawn, you can install a motion-sensor sprinkler. This method is a double-edged sword that not only scares birds away but waters your lawn as well.

There are a few precautions though.

First, you have to set it such that water doesn’t run all through. Instead, it only activates a stream when triggered.

Secondly, set the activator to detect movements above when the bird flies by. This way it won’t activate a stream towards you when you pass by.

Scare them with reflective surfaces

Nothing scares easy like a bird. Any sudden occurrence or sound will get them flapping away in fear of their lives.

So if you hang small reflective mirrors, old CDs, or foil strips on a string and suspend them, they’ll scare birds any moment they twirl.

Can’t find idle mirrors and CDs to use? Well, you can settle for bird-repellent reflective scare rods.

Final Thoughts

Feathery friends may be fun to have around and listen to them chirp away in joy.

However, your porch is a place of relaxation and it’s possibly spruced up with modern items. And you’d like it to stay that way.

Having woodpeckers chip the furniture while others soil the sits and the surroundings is no fun. But now you know how to keep birds off the porch in a humane way, right?

Be careful not to mess with migratory birds protected by federal law.

If you’ve tried your best without success, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional. They can identify the types of birds messing with your porch and apply the most effective solution.