How To Make Your Shower Floor Tray Less Slippery

The risk of falling or tripping in a bathroom is higher on the tiled flooring. The injuries in these cases are sometimes quite extensive.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), millions of people in the US suffer life-threatening injuries from bathtub falls and shower floors.

What causes slipping hazards in the shower?

How to stop the bathroom floor from being slippery

Before you try to understand how to make a shower floor tray less slippery, it is essential to examine the root of this problem.

Nine out of ten times, the bathtub floor or shower tray becomes slippery 00because of the accumulation of leftovers from shampoo, bathing gel, soap, and other liquids used for bathing or washing.

The residue from soap and bathing gels creates scum or mildew. These are difficult to clean off or extract from the tiled floors.

How to make a shower floor tray less slippery?

Several effective ways will help you to deal with this problem. Below, we have listed the most likely options for you!

Method # 1: Install anti-slip shower mat

This is one of the easiest and most common ways to deal with slippery tub and shower floors.

Shower mats are easy to install, cost-effective, and add instant traction to the bathroom floors.

Generally, there are mats available in varying sizes, so you won’t have trouble finding a mat that fits your tub.

The materials used to make a shower mat include rubber, PVC, plastic, or vinyl. Suction cups help to make these tubs stick to the surface without slipping.

Even though it doesn’t give 100% assurance that you won’t slip, the probability of accidents is significantly lower.

When opting for this method, remember that it requires regular cleaning. Plus, it has to be more corrosive scrubbing because of the structure and texture.

If the users don’t pay heed to clean the mats, the moisture penetrates and creates a breeding site for bacteria.

Method # 2: Design a cleaning routine

How to make shower tiles non-slip

As discussed earlier, the accumulation of soapy liquids makes slipping incidents more frequent.

If you properly clean your shower floor tray or bathtub, you can keep your bathroom from slickness and moisture.

Follow the steps mentioned below to cleanse the flooring:

  • Mix baking soda with white vinegar and pour it on the shower floor. Then, use a brush or a sponge to clean it.
  • Rinse with water and make it dry using a mop.

Apart from these steps, you can mix lemon juice and vinegar to clean the shower doors. This will kill the mildew.

Or you can outsource this cleaning task to professional cleaning companies. They will visit your place and leave the bathrooms squeaky clean!

Method # 3: Use anti-slip adhesive treads

If you already have a lot on your hands and cannot complete the task of cleaning the shower mats, you can opt for anti-slip adhesive treads.

These are commonly used on the stairs to prevent slipping accidents.

However, there are some other versions of the tread that you can use for pools, decks, and hot tubs. These treads are small tape strips having a sticky bottom.

You can stick on the floor, keeping the rough side upwards as it gives traction for the feet.

The best part about using the treads is that they are easy to install and light on the pockets. And the cherry on the top, you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning them.

Method # 4: Go for the anti-slip formula

An alternate method to add traction to the bathroom floors is applying anti-slip coatings. Follow these steps when you are using this formula:

  • Clean the tub entirely and rub until its dry
  • Use a tape to mark the area that is used the most during a bath
  • Pour the liquid on the tub surface and spread it with a roller
  • Let the tub dry

The sign to know if the anti-slip mat has dried is that its milky color disappears. And the surface becomes as clean as it was before.

This method is highly preferred because it is invisible and provides traction. But make sure you don’t use harsh sponges or chemicals to maintain the floor the same way.

When you are looking for an anti-slip formula in the market, make sure you get an environmentally friendly product.

Method # 5: Install a grab bar

There is a slight chance a person might trip on the shower tray despite using the methods listed above. 

The best way to enhance security is by adding a grab bar. This means you will have something to reach for when you are about to lose your balance.

Use a grab bar with robust suction cups. This type of grab bar is pretty easy to install. 

It requires holding the cups against the wall and pressing its levers down. You can then move or remove according to the requirements.

There are several kinds of grab bars available in the market. These may have different installation methods and varying designs too.


Why is my shower floor slippery?

The combination of water with soap, shampoo, and other liquids can make your shower floor quite slippery.

How do you make the fiberglass floor less slippery?

The methods to make a fiberglass floor less slippery resemble those used on the tiled floors.

You can place a non-slip bath mat, put anti-slip stickers in the shower, or spray an anti-slip solution on the floor.

How to walk if the shower tray is slippery?

You have to improve your center of gravity. This involves increasing your stability by keeping your feet outwards and maintaining the weight right above the feet.

You should also wear proper footwear when you are in the shower. Get the shoes with grooved rubber soles that will help the entire foot contact the ground.

Final Thoughts

The shower floor tray could be the most dangerous place if you have the elderly or kids in the house. There are different options to increase safety. It depends on your requirements which one you opt for.

Make sure you address the slippery floor problem before any severe incident happens!

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