How to Remove Ceiling Light Cover with Clips?

Occasionally, you will need to change your ceiling light in case it fuses.

Other times the issue could be the unsightly bugs that are adding up in the ceiling light. These instances will demand that you get up there and do something.

Now, do you know how to remove ceiling light cover with clips? Well, it’s not an obvious task, for sure, but it can be done. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The architecture of ceiling light cover with clips

How to remove glass cover from ceiling light

Ceiling lights are simple constructions with a glass covering that is held in place with three clips.

Of the three, two are tightly bolted while one is loose and can be pulled backward. You will need to inspect all to uncover the one that is movable. 

How to remove ceiling light cover with clips

Here are the steps to follow in order to safely and successfully remove a ceiling light cover:

Step 1: Protect your hands

Unless you are seriously calloused (and we doubt that) we recommend you wear protective gloves.

The clips holding the cover in place may not be sharp but can easily bruise your hands. Mechanic or gardening gloves with a good grip can do.

Step 2: Get yourself a ladder

The ceiling is higher up. You’ll need a ladder or a steady chair to climb on in order to reach for the light’s cover.

Step 3: Protect the cover 

Place one hand on the cover while the other scans for the “loose” clip. This ensures the cover won’t fall to the ground in case you pull the loose clip.

Step 4: Release the cover 

Now that you know which clip to pull, gently do so until it releases the cover from its grip and into your hand.

Cowabunga! Now you can go ahead to replace the bulbs or discard the dead insects.

Other types of ceiling light covers

How to remove ceiling light cover easily

Ceiling light covers come in different designs. If the one in your house is without clips, you’ll want to keep reading to understand how to remove it for cleaning or a bulb change.

How to remove ceiling light cover with a screw

Here is a breakdown of the steps to follow if your ceiling light cover is secured with a screw:

Step 1: Equip yourself with a ladder

You aren’t superman with the ability to defy gravity. So find yourself a ladder (self-standing would be great) or a stool to stand on.

Step 2: Wear gloves

Ceiling light covers are smooth and can slide from your hands. Thankfully, gloves with good traction will help you get a good hold of them. 

Step 3: Keep one arm on the glass cover

Because you are about to unscrew the glass from its holding, make sure to support it with one hand.

If you don’t, it will come off and land straight on your face or fall to the ground, shattering into irreconcilable pieces.

Step 4: Remove the screws

At this point, use your strong hand to unscrew the knob. Once it comes off, check to see if there is a washer. Not all models will have it but it’s important to check.

Step 5: Remove the washer

If you have removed the knob and the glass cover isn’t coming off, there is a washer holding it captive.

You’ll need to detach it so the cover can come off. That’s it. You should be able to change the bulb or do some clean-up.

And now to one more type of ceiling light cover.

Removing a ceiling light cover without screws

This last cover type has no screws, knobs, or clips. Therefore, the approach to removing it varies slightly.

Step 1: Get a ladder or stool

You are not that tall to reach the ceiling, are you? So get yourself a stable stool or ladder.

Step 2: Wear gloves

Ceiling glass covers are mostly smooth and can glide off the hands easily. Wearing gloves should boost traction.

Step 3: Hold the cover with both arms and rotate

Remember we said this kind of glass cover has no screws or clips to deal with. Just put both your hands on it and with a gentle nudge, rotate it counterclockwise. 

Is it stuck? You should expect that considering the fact that a ceiling light remains untouched for years.

To budge it a little, gently hit it with the soft rubber part of a shoe. Don’t smash it hard. Go easy and the cover should yield in a minute or two.

Final Thoughts

It’s a very straightforward process to remove ceiling light cover with clips.

The same can be said of those with or without screws. Whenever you feel like inspecting ceiling lights, check out the steps highlighted in this article.

Needless to say, ensure to switch them off beforehand.