How to Soundproof a Door with Household Items

Noise pollution is one of the biggest issues faced by humankind today. After having a tiring day at work, you yearn to relax in peace.

Sadly, not every one of us could afford the luxury of soundproofing our homes.

If you live in a rental apartment or run low on the budget, you might be looking for an easy fix.

This article will tell you how to soundproof a door with household items:

Household items to soundproof your home

How to soundproof a door cheaply

You can deal with the excess noise penetrating the doors by using essential household supplies.

Stuff like carpets, blankets, and yoga mats can be an easy fix to reduce the noise. The noise-blocking properties of each material depend upon its mass and density.

Check out the following ways you can soundproof a door:

Adjust the carpet under doors

Closing the gap beneath the door is critical to dealing with unnecessary noises. Adding a rug or a carpet is our instinct when covering these gaps.

This is quite a narrow space, so you should pick a thick rug. When doing so, you have to ensure that it doesn’t interrupt the opening or closing of the door.

There are some soundproof mats that you can place beneath the rugs to maximize their noise-blocking properties.

Hang curtains upon the door

If the noise penetrates the door, you should also look for relevant curtains to reduce it.

They close the air gaps in the door and dampen the noise passing through. For best outcomes, we suggest that you find soundproof curtains.

Installation of the curtains is an easy process, and the noise reduction will surprise you. Ensure that you have covered the entire door, so no air gaps are left uncovered.

The curtains must stretch to the floor to reduce noises.

You should also install a curtain rod atop the door frame to extend the curtain width beyond the doors. This maximizes its noise-reduction impact.

Move extra furniture or mattress at the door front

This tactic for reducing the noises is pretty simple.

When you position the furniture at the door front, it cuts the noises trying to seep in. Most of us have tried this technique at work, trying to kill distractions or sleeping in a busy dormitory.

Some of our furniture isn’t used enough. For instance, you may have a rocking chair no one uses or an old bookshelf.

Some people may argue that this will block the doorway, but you can always use this strategy upon the spare doors.

Remember that if you are placing a bookshelf or a closet in front of the door, you should fill it. A loaded piece of furniture has more noise-reduction properties than the empty one.

Apply soundproofing paint on the door

Ways to soundproof a door using things at home

When you apply several layers of paint on the same surface, it is bound to make a difference.

It isn’t a well-known fact, but colors can significantly impact. They increase the density of a hollow door and make it firmer.

These days we also have soundproof paints in the market. But if you don’t have access to this type, you can opt for multiple layers of the regular paint.

Generally, you should apply three layers of latex for soundproof paint. And the number goes higher when you are using the regular paint.

When painting the door, you have to ensure that it doesn’t lose its aesthetics. Thus, the task may be challenging if you aren’t into handy work.

We recommend that you call a professional painter to accomplish the task.

Use the floor foam tiles or yoga mats

If you are a parent or have kids in the house, the chances are that you bought some foam mats for them once.

Instead of discarding them after the kid has outgrown them, use them for soundproofing your place.

You can spread them on the floor or use tacks to stick them beneath the door. While doing so, you have to be cautious that it doesn’t interrupt the door movement.

You may also have a spare yoga mat if you are/were a gym rat. Use a spray adhesive or tack to hold it beneath the door.

Foam tiles or yoga mats will make the doors thick. However, they may impact the aesthetics of the room.

You should look for alternative methods if you don’t want to affect your door outlook.

Hang old blankets against the door

We understand how some of us just want to get rid of the noise no matter what.

On days when you can’t bear the noise from the outside, you can simply grab your old blanket and hang it somehow against the door.

Even though moving blankets are ideal for this method, not everyone has them readily accessible.

Find the thickest duvet you have in the house. This is because the thick materials absorb sound waves readily.

You can fix the blanket against the wall by hanging it on the nails or spray adhesive.

You can also use the curtain clips for the blankets. It doesn’t require cutting holes in the blanket.


Does the insertion of a towel under the door block noise?

Yes, towels beneath the door can create a quieter atmosphere in the room. It also blocks the indoor noises to go out.

This is one cost-effective and handy method as you can use the towels too.

How to soundproof a door with household items?

We have many items in the house that can readily reduce the noise. The items listed above, like spare furniture and blankets, can help you reduce the noise from entering or going out.

You should ensure that it won’t disturb the door momentum when working on it.

Final Thoughts

All the household items listed above can reduce the noise to a certain degree. But if you want a permanent and effective solution, you should go for a professional solution.

This will consume more budget and time than the methods we discussed above. However, you will have a more serene space with soundproofing systems that last longer.