How to Stop Birds from Pooping on Your Car? (Humane Ways)

Feathery friends can be fun to hang around and listen to them sing away joyously.

It’s a calming and relaxing experience. One that can bring a sense of peace and tranquility thus contributing to overall wellbeing.

Wait. That’s not always the case, especially when we are talking about birds flocking your home and dropping poop all over your freshly cleaned car. It’s grossly unpleasant.

If you are going through this right now, you may be thinking about how to stop birds from pooping in your car. Well, that’s possible and we will find out how in a minute.

But first…

Why would birds poop on my car?

How to keep birds away from your car

Frankly, it’s not some sort of personal vendetta. While there are plenty of places for feathery friends to ease themselves, sometimes your car could become a target.

All because it is strategically located in a place they like.

Therefore, we can all agree that where you park your car matters. It’s entirely your mistake if you park it under a tree, building edges, or next to electric wires and poles.

The color of your car

It’s been found that the color of cars can either discourage or encourage birds to perch. And guess what, red, blue, and black are at the top of the list.

Green happens to be the least favorite color amongst birds. Although we are not encouraging everyone to paint their cars green—unless it’s in solidarity with green practices. 

Your car’s finish is an issue

If your car has an alluringly shiny finish, feathery friends are going to target. So make sure to hide it somewhere they don’t prefer.

Now, let’s dive in and learn how to keep birds from spraying your car with poop.

Ways on how to stop birds from pooping on your car

Best ways to stop birds from popping in your car

There are a couple of humane ways you can use to stop fowls from dropping their mess on your auto. Here are a few common ones:

1. Draw the mirrors in or keep them covered 

Mirrors make for the perfect landing spots on the car. So if you can’t draw them in, then you better spread a cover over them.

2. Hang reflective items in the parking lot

Any sudden movements can scare feathery friends. You can use that to your advantage.

For instance, if you have old music and video CDs in your home, use a string to hang some up in your parking lot. As the wind swivels them around, birds will flap away.

3. Mount a bird deterrent on your auto

Besides dogs and cats, there are other predators birds are afraid of. Good examples include owls and hawks.

If you buy their decoys and put them on top of your car, no bird will land on it.

4. Use a cover 

While parked at home, make sure to put a cover on your car. This hides the paint which is probably attracting birds. Furthermore, covers will protect your car from aggressive weather elements as well.

5. Don’t park under trees or on building edges

Trees are home to birds. You may be inclined to park under them to avoid the sun’s heat.

That’s okay if you’ll be gone for a few minutes. However, there will be lots of incoming fire if you happen to stay away longer.

The same case happens if you park at the edge of buildings. They are perfect resting points for birds and they fire poop on your car, one after the other.

So it goes without saying that you should desist from parking in such zones.

6. Carry a rubber snake around

Rubber snakes can come in handy in scaring birds away. They will be afraid to land anywhere near your car in fear of being devoured. 

For a strong effect, have two decoys; one on the bumper and the other on the roof. Just don’t forget to pack them away before driving off.

You don’t want to scare other road users.

7. Don’t park near electric wires or poles

Like trees, birds perch on electric wires and poles as well. If you park your machine close to these structures, you increase the chance of it being soiled.

8. Use ultrasonic devices

Various ultrasonic devices emit special noise that is only perceptible to birds. Such gadgets can prevent birds from turning your car into their resting spot.

Unfortunately, dogs and cats can detect ultrasonic sounds and that can disturb them. So make sure your pets are a few walls away.

9. Consider the color of your car

Obviously, no one would go for a fresh paint job just to avoid bird crap on their cars. However, if your auto is crimson red, white, or black, it will be targeted by birds.

Therefore it’s paramount that you always keep bird repellent devices close by.

10. Build a carport

If birds keep crapping on your car, maybe it’s time you build a carport or garage. This will not only protect your car from birds but from harsh weather elements as well.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to stop birds from pooping on your car, don’t you? Great.

Try to clean up birds’ mess from your car as soon as possible. Letting it linger for long can destroy your car’s wax as well as paint.

Wondering how that’s possible? Well because it contains uric acid which has high pH levels.

Also while cleaning your car, don’t use harsh chemicals. That could result in costly structural flaws.

Just always remember to be kind to the birds and don’t kill them—there are always humane ways to stop them from popping into your car.