The Best No Clog Toilets (Top 5 Reviewed)

The fact that you are reading this means you are hunting for the best no-clog toilets. Good choice.

Tell you what, anti-clogging models are extremely efficient in clearing out waste. And top of that, you don’t need to flush several times.

Just once and all mess gets jettisoned down the drain. Also, not having to flush a couple of times means the monthly water bill won’t be scary to look at.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few top-quality anti-clogging toilets that come highly recommended.

Let’s get the show running then.

The Best No-Clog Toilets

Here are the top non-clogging toilets models worth checking out:

1. ToTo MS604114CEFG UltraMax II Toilet

ToTo is a brand that surely needs no introduction. For that reason, let’s start this list off with one of their most affordable toilets-ToTo MS604114CEFG UltraMax II Toilet. What a catchy name, eh?

This model has consistently ranked well on Amazon and other online retail stores. That’s definitely a good sign.

So what does it offer?

First, the design is extra glossy with SanaGloss finish to ensure waste doesn’t stick on the sides. The shiny finish, alongside the holes-free rim will make cleaning it a breeze. 

UltraMax II Toilet packs a Double Cyclone flushing system that generates powerful centrifugal force that ejects waste. It is ADA and WaterSense certified for low water consumption.


  • Powerful flushing technology
  • Stain-proof SanaGloss finish
  • Holes-free rim for effortless cleaning
  • WaterSense approved 
  • A comfy, elongated design


  • The height may be uncomfortable for short members

2. Swiss Madison SM- 1T112 Ivy One Piece Toilet Dual Flush

Does flushing number one with the same water as number two annoy you?

If so, then you will love the dual flush design of Swiss Madison SM- 1T112 Ivy One Piece Toilet. This unit is pretty compact to fit bathrooms with small spaces.

Within its sleek design lies a reliable tornado flush mechanism with two powerful nozzles that efficiently squeeze waste out. Thanks to its skirted interior design, you will find it easy to clean.

Swiss Madison SM- 1T112 Ivy One Piece Toilet comes with an elongated bowl that’s comfortable to sit on.

To sweeten the deal, the seat closes slowly and softly to avoid disturbing slams.


  • A skirted design that is easy to clean
  • Comes with a soft-closing seat
  • An elongated bowl for comfortable sessions
  • Highly efficient flushing system
  • An affordable no clog toilet


  • The quality swings from time to time

3. Kohler K-3998-0 Wellworth Elongated Toilet

This is another worthwhile choice for anyone that is looking for affordable no-clog toilets. It boasts a lustrous elongated bowl that is sure to light up your bathroom.

Kohler K-3998-0 Wellworth does really pack a punch when it comes to flushing ability. You see, it packs a class five flushing technology that handles bulk waste elimination.

So yes, this would be a great choice for homes with a lot of people.

Like many others, this unit has the highly welcome elongated bowl design, 12’ rough-in, and is WaterSense-certified.


  • features a widely approved elongated bowl design
  • Lustrous exterior that is easy to clean
  • Great for bulk waste removal
  • Affordable price tag


  • It’s not a dual flush model
  • The design is a bit bulky

4. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet seems to hit the right balance between beauty and performance.

It features an eye-catching modern design for anyone that wants a toilet that bumps up the bathroom décor.

The trapway is skirted to take the headache out of cleaning. And whenever you feel like saving water, the dual flush mechanism will come in handy.

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez is a one-piece toilet. This should matter to anyone who wants to save up some space in the bathroom.

So far, a lot of feedback indicates that the toilet flushes well. It does come with a handy soft closing seat to prevent unnecessary slamming.

The only issue seems to do with the design of the bowl. It’s not elongated as such and that can feel uncomfortable during the first few sessions.

But anyone can get used to that, can’t they?


  • An attractive modern design for enhancing the look of your bathroom
  • An easy-to-clean, shiny bowl
  • The seat closes softly
  • Water-conserving dual flush toilet
  • High-performance flushing system


  • The bowl design might be uncomfortable for some users

5. TOTO CST744SL Drake Elongated Bowl

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue if you make a big poo poo this is your toilet.

Poetic jokes aside, TOTO CST744SL Drake Elongated Bowl is probably the most praised toilet on the internet for having an unusually excellent flushing performance.

It’s not actually that hard to see why.

To begin with, its flush valve is 3-inches wide. Whereas many ordinary toilets have a 2-inches wide flush valve. The extra wideness makes this toilet an efficient flusher.

Secondly, TOTO CST744SL’s trapway is wider and also fully glazed.

To put the cherry on top, the company equipped it with a powerful TOTO GMAX flushing system making it supremely gifted at flushing large wastes.


  • Next-level flushing performance
  • A comfortable design for all members of the family
  • Flushes quietly
  • A beautiful design with high-quality components
  • Low water consumption


  • No serious flaws to point out

Things To Consider When Buying No Clog Toilets

Best non-clogging toilets review

Toilets come in many designs and different shapes. The operating mechanisms also vary depending on the components.

To avoid a bad shopping experience, here are a few factors you need to keep an eye on: 

Flushing System

Since your search is about the best no-clog toilets, then flushing ability has to be at the top of the list. The best technologies out there include TOTO’s GMAX, tornado, and Double Cyclone flushing systems.

If you have a big family where the toilet gets busy all through, there is a possibility even the best no-clog models can fail.

In such cases, going for a pressure-assist toilet would be advisable. Consider this a warning-they flush loudly. 

Water Consumption

Most toilets currently consume between 0.6 to 1.6 gallons per flush. Avoid any toilet that goes beyond that range.

To be on the safe side, go with choices that are approved by regulatory authorities such as WaterSense, and EPA.


Toilet bowls mostly come in either round or elongated designs. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, the latter is a common installation in many homes.

Toilet type

There are many toilet types but two are common; two-piece and one-piece.

In the latter, both the bowl and flushing tank are united into a single unit. In the case of the former, the tank and bowl are apart.

One-piece toilets are space-saving and a little lighter as well. However, such a convenient design elevates their price just a bit.

Final Thoughts

There certainly are many best no-clog toilets on the market. Their sheer number can make buyers confused with what to go for.

Some of the models we have reviewed come highly recommended. You can check them out if you don’t have anywhere else to look or don’t want to risk going for unknown models.

With toilets, you tend to get what you pay for. So if you want exceptional performance, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets.

All in all, happy hunting!

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