Help My Samsung TV Volume Isn’t Working On Remote

Even though there are many ways to relax and unwind after a long day, watching Netflix from your Samsung TV tops the list.

Sadly, although Samsung TV is high-quality and reliable, it can sometimes encounter problems.

The most common issue you’ll find individually or from the support page is, “help, my Samsung TV volume isn’t working on remote.”

Check the remote’s batteries and stuck buttons, or use a universal remote.

If it doesn’t change, free some space and reset the TV’s Smart Hub by deleting unused apps and updating the software.

Also, restart the TV or restore the factory settings. Else, get help from the Samsung support team.

Because you’re not alone, rest assured of resolving the matter through this guide. Learn how to fix this below.

Help My Samsung TV Volume Isn’t Working On Remote: What Causes Volume to Stop Working?

Why is my TV remote volume not working?

Though numerous reports and complaints exist, two significant problems cause your Samsung TV volume to stop working on the remote. They are:

1. Remote Issues

This is the most apparent cause of the remote not working to adjust the volume. Most times, people don’t bother to replace the remote batteries.

After prolonged use, the batteries lose energy which causes problems with the remote working.

2. De-Synchronization

If your remote and TV settings are not in sync, you will likely face problems adjusting the volume.

Most times, there must be interference with the volume control feature that you must check to put things right.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of the issue, let’s move on to the in-depth solutions.

How to Fix Samsung TV Volume to Work on Remote

How to fix Samsung TV volume control problems on remote


First things first“ ensure the batteries still have energy.

You can quickly verify the energy level by using your phone’s camera to look at the remote.

This is because your phone’s camera can pick up the infrared light emitted by the remote, displaying visible flashes.

Still, the volume buttons might be defective or hard to press. Check using your phone’s camera as above while pressing each button to see if any is not working.

If some buttons are faulty, you’ll need to replace the whole remote.

You can also use universal remotes because most are compatible with Samsung TVs. Try to control the volume with it and see how it performs.

Additionally, too many remotes in your living room can be a problem.

Sometimes, signals interrupt each other so that the TV fails to pick up a command. Preferably, only use the original Samsung remote. Have other unused remotes away or off.

Reboot Smart Hub

When the remote isn’t faulty, the Smart Hub likely requires a reboot. The Smart Hub comes with the latest Samsung smart TVs and several apps.

To reboot, follow Settings to Support, Self Diagnosis steps, and finish at Reset Smart Hub after entering your PIN or the default 0000. 

It would also be better to disable the Autorun of Smart Hub. Follow the process from the settings up to the Smart Features.

Remove Unused Apps

With a Smart TV, installing and trying new apps is normal. However, it’s normal for users to forget to delete apps they don’t use anymore.

Your Samsung TV has limited space and the ability to run multiple apps. So, the unused apps tend to affect the performance of the TV whenever they occupy more space.

On your Apps screen, explore the Settings to uninstall the ones you don’t need or haven’t used recently from the apps list.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot remove the inbuilt apps. In that case, you can be sure that such apps are not the cause of your volume issue.

Update Software

Like your smartphone, your Samsung Smart TV also runs on software. Therefore, it would help to update the software regularly to avoid some TV issues.

The Samsung smart TV Linux-based OS called Tizen requires periodic updates to fix bugs and improve performance and smooth functioning.

To check if your TV needs a software update, go to Settings -> Support -> Software Update and Update Now.

Keep your TV on until the update completes successfully. This process will likely take some time if you’ve never updated your Samsung TV. So, be patient.

Typically, your apps should auto-update, which saves time from the one-by-one manual update. Please don’t assume because there’s a probability of disabling the setting and forgetting about it.

So, engage the Auto-Update from your TV settings.

Restart the TV

Fix not just one but many problems on your TV by restarting it.

Safely twitch on the Samsung TV and discharge it from the power outlet.

Only switching it off doesn’t help because the system remains on. This is because it gets it into standby mode, which doesn’t reset once it’s back on.

So, wait a few minutes, plug it back, and put it on. In most cases, your volume issue rectifies immediately without doing anymore further.

Troubleshoot the Sound System

Your Samsung smart TV has a separate sound system. So, it’s easy to troubleshoot and fix common volume issues like faulty controls. 

Click on Settings, Sound, Expert Settings, then finally Reset Sound. It’s a quick process.

But remember that you’ll lose some customized sound settings. Aside from that, expect your TV and apps to work as usual.

Factory Reset the TV

Most people don’t like getting to this point.

The default factory reset process deletes your installed apps and customized settings. But when needed, it can be the only solution to fix your Samsung TV volume issue.

When factory resetting your TV, you should expect to lose the logins to in-apps such as Disney and Netflix. So, you have to start entering from scratch.

To factory reset, go to Settings, General, and Reset. As always, enter the 0000 default PIN if you don’t have yours. 

It may take some time to factory reset your TV. Therefore, ensure your TV stays on until the process ends because turning it off might cause permanent issues.

Only use it as the last option if every other method above fails.

Contact Samsung TV Support Team

Finally, contact Samsung TV customer care. Typically, if your TV is internet enabled, the support team can try to resolve it by remotely accessing it and looking deeper at the settings and configuration.

Follow these steps to contact the support team;

  1. Find the support section from the menu tab.
  2. Click ‘agree’ to the terms of remote management.
  3. Give the support agent your PIN or the default PIN.
  4. Allow the agent some time to access your TV as they look for issues and fix them. 

Final Thought

The stuck volume on your Samsung TV that you can’t control with the remote is very annoying.

Sometimes, this situation can make the TV unusable, mainly if the last volume is on maximum and a baby is sleeping, or there are neighbors nearby.

Thankfully, this guide just brought help right under your roof.

Because it’s a problem with several possible causes, there are many ways to fix it. Take some time and use the above methods to investigate until you get a suitable solution.