How Long are Shower Curtains Supposed to Be?

Installing a shower curtain in your bathroom is essential if you have a bathtub or a freestanding stall. Apart from the towels and finishings, ensure you have worked out the whole map.

These curtains are available in several textures and sizes. But when it comes to the latter, determining the proper length could be a challenge.

Every homeowner may have a different length requirement for the shower curtains. This is the guide you need to read to understand how long are shower curtains supposed to be:

What are the typical shower curtain sizes?

The proper length of shower curtains

A standard size of shower curtains is already available in the market. These measures are based on the specific preferences of the users.

The most popular curtain sizes are:

  • 70 by 70 inches
  • 72 by 72 inches
  • 70 by 72 inches

Before you pick a curtain, you should measure the size requirements of your bathroom space.

How do you know the width of shower curtains?

Knowing the coverage required for the tub or a wall makes it easier to determine curtain measurements.

For starters, you should know the width of the curtain rod that you are installing. Once learned, you should increase the final number by about 11 to 12 inches.

This extension is necessary to ensure that the curtain can create drapes when folded.

After calculating the width, you have to determine the height of a shower curtain.

What is the correct length of a shower curtain?

Typically, a shower curtain length from the rod to its edge is 72 inches.

Measure the distance between the rod and the floor. If there are rings on the rod, you have to measure the space from them to the bottom.

Once you know the final distance, subtract 10 inches.

This is to accommodate the space covered by the bathtub. But if you have a shower stall instead of a tub, you should decrease 2 inches from the final figure.

Subtraction in the final number is required so that the curtain doesn’t reach the bathroom floor.

Is a floor-length shower curtain suitable for my bathroom?

How many inches off the floor should a shower curtain hang?

Having a floor-length shower curtain isn’t a preference for many homeowners. Meanwhile, others debate that it is an indispensable part of a bathroom.

Let’s discuss the two sides of the story to put the finger on the underlying reasons for this debate:


One of the major reasons people want to install a floor-length curtain is that it enhances the bathroom decor.

Some people may use this tactic to conceal a hideous tub Formica or broken stall.

The way to make it happen is by lowering the curtain rod until it hits the floor.


There are concerns about whether hanging a shower curtain till the floor is functional or not.

The experts often quote some significant risks that tag along with this practice. These include:

Fall risk

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that tripping and slipping are the number one cause of ER visits.

They also contribute to 15% of overall deaths in the US.

Thus, it would be best if you eliminated all high-risk factors from your bathroom. And floor-length curtains could be one of the causes of bathroom accidents.

Mold prevention

After a shower, the moisture left behind may gradually increase the mildew across a bathroom.

Of all the factors of mold and mildew, one reason is a long shower curtain. When it doesn’t hit the floor, the chances of creating mildew will significantly reduce.

This is because the moisture eventually drips away as the curtain hangs a few inches above the floor.

Types of shower curtains

Despite having a standard measure for the shower curtains, there could be some issues due to its material. You could go for an enclosed curtain or a type that covers two sides of your bathtub.

The kind of curtain and the material depends on the overall appearance.

You have options like vinyl, cotton, and polyester when it comes to the fabric. There are plenty of colors available in each material.

Another common practice is to install an inner curtain with an external drape. The inner piece keeps water within the tub, and the outer enhances the aesthetics of a bathroom.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a hygienic step as mold forms over time.

What is the ideal height of a shower curtain rod?

As you may have guessed by now, there isn’t a specific measurement for the curtain height. It all depends on your preferences.

A long curtain heightens the chances of mildew growth. It may also float in the water on the floor, causing contamination and cleaning problems.

The placement of a curtain rod is determined by adding two inches to the curtain length and the size of the hook.

Moreover, it would help to use a durable bracket at the marked points, so you don’t drill repeatedly.


Should a shower curtain hit the floor?

One of the main concerns of people who research how long shower curtains are supposed to be concerns their contact with the floor.

There is no doubt that it improves the overall aesthetics of a floor, but some issues like falling accidents and mold growth prevent people from this practice.

Should I keep the shower curtain open or closed?

You should keep the curtain closed when the bathroom is vacant. Keeping it open means more space is available for mold to form in the folds.

Why does the shower curtain turn yellow?

The soap scum and eventual mildew growth change the color of a shower curtain. The stains are removable with soapy liquid, but they indeed increase over time.

Final Thoughts

Shower curtains are one of the main instruments to improve the décor of your bathroom.

However, one should ensure that it is a practical installment. It would help if you also researched how to keep these curtains clean and the ideal height of a curtain in your situation.

You can seek assistance from a professional installer or an interior expert for the best suggestions. They will allow you to determine the kind of shower curtain you need and its height.