Does Soundproofing Wallpaper Really Work?

Besides adorning your dull walls, wallpaper can serve a more meaningful purpose. A special kind of wallpaper can dampen the noise from coming in and going out of the room.

The hyper-pollutive environment of this day requires inventive solutions. Hence, soundproof wallpaper is your way to maintain privacy and peace of mind amidst this pressure.

What is the functionality of a soundproof wallpaper?

How can I soundproof my house from noisy neighbors?

Before considering its purchase, it is plausible to question the effectiveness of such wallpapers.

The thought of a mere paper changing your room acoustics to that of a studio or a library seems quite far-fetched.

However, soundproof wallpaper is not ordinary paper. Apart from beautifying your walls with a touch of modernity, it can block the ambient noises.

The acoustic wallpapers will protect you from low to mid-level sound frequencies. These noises could be loud neighbors, high volumes on TV, or kids playing outside.

Some noise frequencies that prevent your comfort can stay out with some types of acoustic wallpapers.

How does soundproofing wallpaper work?

Acoustic wallpaper will make a minimal difference to the sound getting into your room.

But if you are looking to turn down the ambient background noise, then the soundproofing wallpaper will make a huge difference.

This type of wallpaper has several layers. These multiple layers will disrupt and weaken the sound waves as it penetrates the walls.

An insulation sheet between these layers will dampen the sound even more.

If you purchase an excellent quality soundproofing wallpaper, you will find a massive difference in the noise level of your rooms.

Nonetheless, this type of wallpaper has some limitations, like other technologies. You will find that you can hear your neighbor’s blasting music or a sudden traffic uproar on the street.

When you survey the market with realistic expectations, you will discover that soundproof wallpapers have irresistible conveniences.

For instance, it is budget-friendly and effective for homes. It can give you peace of mind from acoustic disturbances at a lighter price tag.

Pros using a soundproof wallpaper

Is Soundproof or Acoustic Wallpaper Effective?

Now that we know about this product and what it means to do, it makes sense that we dive into exploring its merits.

Not expensive

Even though soundproofing wallpaper is expensive than other wallpapers, it is cheaper than other soundproofing materials.

Budget is one of the biggest constraints for soundproofing your home or workplace. Some options can suck your entire budget, and some are within the affordability limits.

Like all other products, its quality reflects in the price. We recommend you start by using mid-ranged wallpapers and move your way upwards.

Easy to install

Again, other soundproofing materials could be difficult to install. But the soundproofing wallpaper involves sticking and scratching down.

You have to ensure that it is straight and aligned with the walls.

The whole process of installing soundproof wallpaper should not take more than a few hours.

Also, it would be best if you start by working on a single area of the room. This helps you figure out the amount of wallpaper needed for the entire room.

Variety of designs

The market for soundproof wallpapers is expanding.

This means that the manufacturers are constantly adding new designs. This also means that you aren’t limited to dull and old structures.

One of the main drawbacks of using other soundproof materials is that they lack aesthetics. But a soundproof wallpaper brings a perfect finish to the room.

It helps you maintain a sense of style across the room while serving the purpose of cutting noise.

Fire resistant

Fire safety should always be a priority when setting a place. A soundproof wallpaper meets the required fire safety standards.

It uses flame retardant materials. This indicates that when a fire starts in the room, its wallpaper will not worsen.

Fire safety is a minor concern when scanning for soundproof wallpapers. But the knowledge of fire-resistant wallpapers can help you make an informed decision.

High stereo experience

Sound-resistant wallpaper can block noises from the outside and protect internal noises from leaving. Watching sports, movies, or any other forms of entertainment will be fantastic in such rooms.

What is soundproof wallpaper made of?

Does foam wallpaper block sound?

Soundproofing wallpapers are made of a variety of materials. Make sure that you find materials that are good insulators and dampen sounds.

Here are some materials that are used in soundproof wallpapers:


Wallpapers made of foam are thicker. This is what we should consider for sound absorption.

Wallpapers made of foam help contain voices in music rooms, home theatres, control rooms, and recording studios.

Mass-loaded Vinyl (MLV)

Mass-loaded vinyl is used in every product made for reducing sounds. Many wallpapers made of mass-loaded vinyl can absorb and soften the sounds.


Latex works best for blocking low-frequency noises like the human voice. It is not recommended for machines and high-frequency sounds.

Wallpapers with latex cut sound better than foam wallpapers, but they are not more effective than MLV.


Wool is the trending soundproofing material nowadays. It is used in DIY soundproofing techniques like carpeting.

Just like foamy wallpapers, the wool wallpaper is excellent for sound absorption. So you cannot expect it to reduce noises in your studio or room significantly.


Does wallpaper soundproof a room?

Wallpaper is the least effective material for soundproofing because of its thinness. It should provide a notable decrease in the sound level.

Is there soundproof paint?

There are water-based, heavy-bodied,  and flat-latex paints that are formulated with ceramic microspheres and sound-absorbing fillers. You can use such colors from reliable manufacturers to seal your room against the noise.

Final Thoughts

There are several soundproofing methods for containing noises in and beyond the rooms. You can try using soundproof blankets, curtains, and paints for maximum effect.

Soundproofing wallpaper is easy to install and uninstall, making it a good option for renters. Its installation does not interfere with the original structure of the house and the design of its walls.

All you need to do is peel its sticky back side and paste it on the wall.

If you need a more robust soundproofing solution, we recommend you survey the industry for other materials like acoustic panels.