Xfinity Router Blinking Orange

Even though there are several router brands, Xfinity stands tall among many users. But, it’s not perfect.

Sometimes, users complain of technical issues like the Xfinity router blinking orange.

What does this mean?

Internet connectivity is probably not reaching the router – hence stops working. Still, the router, wiring, and splitters might be faulty.

The orange light indicates a network error. You can wait for the update installation, and resetting, then check cable connections or contact customer service.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the various causes of the blinking orange light on your Xfinity router.

Better still, there are solutions for the causes to help you fix the issue effortlessly rather than buying another router. 

Read to the end.

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange: What Does It Mean?

how to fix blinking orange light on router

First, let’s understand the meaning of the orange light in depth. This way, finding different approaches for suitable fixes will be easy.

Generally, when your Xfinity router is blinking orange, it shows that there’s an ongoing update.

However, there might be an interruption mainly from the internet connection, making it challenging to complete the update.

What causes the interruption?

Network Problems

Usually, the internet connectivity interruption causing the orange light on your Xfinity router is due to a service outage.

Your ISP might be experiencing a network breakdown that interferes with the functioning of all connected devices.

Splitter Issue

Check out the connections of your splitter. Most people who want internet in other parts of their space use a splitter.

But, if the splitter connection is faulty at some point, the orange light starts blinking on your Xfinity router.  

Loose Cables

If your wiring is loose, you will likely lose a stable internet connection to your Xfinity router hence the orange light.

Most importantly, the quality of the cables also plays a significant role. Ensure they are efficient and don’t fall off easily.

Faulty Modem

Sometimes, your modem might be faulty. That’s why there’s an orange light from your Xfinity.

Evaluate the functionality and productivity of your modem to see if it’s in good condition while looking for fixes.

The following are various common causes of the Xfinity router blinking orange. But, worry not.

Check out the fixes below to ensure the problem disappears and you continue enjoying the services of the Xfinity router.

How to Fix the Blinking Orange Light on Your Xfinity Router

1. Wait for Complete Update Installation

Typically, your Xfinity router carries out a system update when you see white or blue light. The update doesn’t have a definite completion time because the size varies.

But when the orange pops out, there’s an interference with the update.

First, wait and see if the orange light disappears by itself. If not, check out the following approach.

2. Establish if there’s A Local Network Outage of Your ISP 

The network might be facing interruptions if the blinking orange doesn’t turn to blue or white while the update is ongoing.

Usually, your ISP might be facing a local outage. You can confirm this if the orange light is still blinking for a prolonged period.

It would help to contact your ISP and determine the outage in your area.

Also, the Xfinity customer service can help determine if a network outage affects the router’s function.

If network outage is not the problem, let’s move on to the next step-rebooting the router.

3. Reboot the Router

It takes a system reboot to fix the orange blinking on your Xfinity once and for all.

The best and most straightforward approach is the soft reboot. It doesn’t involve erasing any data or several steps.

Just unplug, wait for a few seconds, then plug back in the power outlet.

After restarting, confirm if the orange light is still on. If this doesn’t work, which is rare, let’s go to the next fix.

4. Hard Reset the Router

At this point, a hard rest is a suitable fix to eliminate the orange blinking from your Xfinity router. However, remember that a hard reset is the same as a factory reset.

This means your router will return to its original state without customizations.

Though this will likely take you back to scratch, rest assured of solving any underlying firmware or software issues in the modem.

Locate the reset button found on the back panel of the router.

Press reset and don’t release for about 30 seconds. Release the reset button and give your router some time to reboot.

After a complete reboot, the orange light is likely not there. In this case, you must re-install all your lost software and firmware when the router is up and running.

But if the blinking orange problem still exists, few fixes remain. Read on.

5. Check Your Connections

Aside from the loose wires, the connection can also be loose. In this case, the result is blinking orange on your Xfinity router.

Start by checking all the wires connecting to your router.

As discussed, the quality of the cables is crucial but also ensures they connect securely and snugly. Preferably, have an expert do the cabling that stays in place for long.

Additionally, evaluate how your devices connect.

For those who use an Ethernet cable, ensure it goes in the correct port for all devices. It would also be best to unplug and plug back in the Ethernet cable to help re-establish a connection.

People with a wireless connection should ensure they place the router within proximity of the connected devices.

If the router and the devices are far from each other, you will likely face a problem with signals failing to connect.

If the orange light persists even after checking the connection, try this next move of using an Ethernet cable.

6. Use an Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet cable connected to your router and devices can help solve the blinking orange problem on Xfinity.

Using this cable evades any possible problems with the wireless connection. If this approach works, you’ll be sure the issue was with the wireless connection.

After connecting the Xfinity router and your devices to the Ethernet cable, confirm if the orange is still blinking.

The router likely has an issue if you can’t browse or access the internet.

7. Contact Comcast Customer Service

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange - Easy Fix

Sometimes, it’s unfortunate that you can try all the basic fixes and still not find a solution. However, coming to this point without changing the situation is nearly impossible.

But, if this is the case, it would help to contact the Xfinity support team.

Usually, they’ll remotely troubleshoot the issue, and you can continue enjoying the services of your router. Still, they can send a technician to come and fix the blinking orange problem.

If all the support team fails, getting a new router is better.

What Do The Different Colors Of Xfinity Router Mean?

As an Xfinity router user, you are likely to have come across different colored lights. Let’s see what they all mean;

  • Blue: It shows that the router is on and well connected.
  • Green: It shows the router and the wireless connection are good and functioning correctly.
  • White: It shows other bands you can use- 2.4 and 5GHz.
  • Amber/Orange: It shows an update, download, or upload.

Understanding what each light stands for makes it easy to look for solutions in case of a problem.

Final Thoughts

In the case of the Xfinity router blinking orange, there’s usually an undergoing activity in the network. But the internet connection is having issues if the blinking doesn’t stop and turns to another color.

Fortunately, the above guide shows the different causes and solutions to help you get your Xfinity router up and running in no time.

Hopefully, you don’t get to the last step of buying a new router!