Protect Your TV Screen From Breaking (By Kids)

Today’s HD televisions are highly sensitive compared to conventional box TVs.

The screens are made of acrylic or other forms of top-quality plastic, which cannot resist significant blows and scratches.

I should know! My kids “accidentally” threw a remote control at our TV screen and it cracked beyond compare. To prevent it from happening again, I bought this screen protector from Amazon. It’s perfect.

You need to get even more cautious if you have kids around the house. Those little munchkins may decide to give TV a good whack during play or just because they feel so!

Even though the screen will not crumble into pieces, the images may go crazy. Many parents have to purchase a whole new TV set that costs thousands of bucks. (Again, we know!)

This is one of the main reasons parents keep asking how to protect TV screens from kids.

If you are in the same boat, this guide might be a valuable read for you.

How to protect your TV screen from breaking?

How to avoid damaging TV with kids

Let’s look at three ways you can deploy to protect your television from damage:

1. Mount it on the wall

One of the best strategies to protect your TV from kids is to place it out of their reach.

Mounting it on the wall is the best way to ensure those tiny hands can’t reach there.

On the other hand, if you choose to put it on a stand, the kids may accidentally bump into it or push the frame on the floor.

But, if you don’t have a wall mount and you want your television on a stand, you should look for the safety straps. These mounting straps are available online in the child-proofing tools section.

Besides using them on TV stands, you can use these straps to bind books on shelves, dressers, and for various purposes.

2. Television screen protector

Most of us get protectors on our smart devices because we know that the screens could get damaged when the phone drops on the floor.

A screen protector like this one we purchased will help to protect the screen from any damage and scratches.

Make sure you choose the right size for your TV screen (measured diagonally).

A TV screen protector serves the same purpose. The flat screen could break if you or your child hits it accidentally.

A screen protector resists these blows and prevents them from cracking.

Why should you invest in a TV screen protector?

It is essential to invest in a TV screen protector when getting new television. None of the manufacturers cover screen damage in their warranty plans.

If the LED, LCD, or plasma TV gets scratched, you have to live with and pay hefty amounts to repair or replace the TV.

Most people don’t have the money to buy a brand new TV repeatedly.

Hence, we would highly recommend that you take precautions. Whether you are purchasing a new television or having it for a while, get a screen protector of the right size to keep your screens safe.

Is there a difference between LED, LCD, and Plasma TV Screen Protectors?

Yes, there are different TV protectors available in the market.

Some companies have launched a standard protector which doesn’t resist scratches. They charge more if you want to add this feature to the protectors.

Meanwhile, others have scratch resistance included in the standard protectors. Some other perks offered by the screen protectors (for all screens) include:

  • Easy to clean – The high-quality TV screen protectors are pretty swift to clean. The smudges, fingerprints, and accidental spills on the TV will go away with one swipe of a cleaning product.
  • Easy to install – Most TV screen protectors get in place because they have Velcro. These are easy to remove if you want to access the bare screen.
  • Maintains HD picture quality – The screen protectors do not distort or blur the images on the screen.
  • Customized sizes available – There are protectors for various screen sizes. You can contact the manufacturers for a tailored size if you want one.

3. Television enclosures

A television enclosure is the best solution to keep your screen out of sight.

They also protect the TV from getting dirty or cracked.

Moreover, there are many weather-resistant TV enclosures available in the market. You can place the TV outdoors without worrying about any damage.

How to protect the TV from damage?

How to protect flatscreen TV from damage

Even if you don’t have kids at your place, you should take some essential steps to keep your television safe.

Some of these measures are:

  • Dust and wipe your screen regularly
  • Install high-quality surge devices as electric surges have become a significant issue for electronic devices
  •  Place the TV in a climate-controlled environment
  • Find a position that is secure and doesn’t come in the way when walking


How do I stop my TV from breaking?

A screen protector is the answer to all your issues. Even when searching how to protect screens from kids, most people would recommend that you get a screen protector.

A screen protector ensures that the screen doesn’t impact when a toy hits it or when there is an accident near it.

How can I stop my child from breaking the TV screen?

We understand how kids could be unreasonable and tricky to handle. If you have one such kid in the house, here are some steps to ensure they won’t break the TV:

-Make a family media plan
-Choose media carefully
-Watch together with them
-Set strict limits
-Be a role model for the children

Can sunlight damage the TV screens?

Yes, when direct sunlight falls on TV, it has a significant impact. The heat from the sun could distort the image on the LCD screens.

Ultraviolet rays could disturb chemicals on the LCD and shorten the life of the television.

How can I protect my TV when moving?

When you are switching the TV position or moving out, you should take the following measures to protect the TV screens:

-Tape some packing paper around the television
-Wrap a blanket on the screen and secure it with a rope or cord
-Use a plastic protection sleeve

Will the screen protector affect the colors or viewing angle?

A TV screen protector does not affect the colors or viewing angle of the display. The material used for these protectors is carefully selected to ensure that it does not interfere with the transmission of light from the TV screen, preserving the original color reproduction and viewing angles.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your TV from a toddler is a challenge. You feel helpless and gloomy when they end up damaging expensive items, like TV.

We’re very happy with the screen protector that we purchased. We just wish that we had got it before the TV screen was cracked by the kids! At least it can’t happen again though!

Following the strategies above, you could ensure they stay safe and provide an enriched entertainment experience to the kiddos!