Where Should I Hang a Crucifix in My Home?

Catholic customs and beliefs have influenced all facets of daily living, including choices in home decorations.

Passionate Catholics love to express their religion at any opportunity they get. Decorating your personal space is an opportunity to include Catholic artifacts like the crucifix.

Where Should I Hang a Crucifix in My Home? Your Ultimate Guide

Where should I hang a cross in my house?

The location of your crucifix depends on the reason you are putting it up. You can place it:

  • Above your front door to protect your home
  • In your bedroom to ask for protection during the night
  • In your living room as a reminder of your faith
  • Anywhere else in your house that you feel comfortable with it.

If you’re not sure where to hang your crucifix, start by holding it in your hands and praying for guidance.

Listen to your heart and intuition and go with what feels right for you. Trust that you will be led to the perfect spot for it!

This article will look at places in your home where you can hang the crucifix, how to do it, and why it is necessary to have one.

There are plenty of options depending on your motivation. You can have your crucifix in the following areas:

Above every doorway

Having a cross at the entrance of your home explicitly announces that you are a catholic home. The cross at the doorway acts as a constant reminder of  Jesus’ sacrifice for you.

Having the cross above the doorway sets the room’s mood as you enter.

Above every headboard

You can place a crucifix above the headboard of your bed. The crucifix at this position reminds you to have a quiet, prayerful time in the privacy of your room.

The constant reminder above your bed will make you reflect on the significance of Christ’s sacrifice.

In the children’s room

Children need to learn early about the Catholic religion and what significance the cross stands for.

To encourage your children to embrace the catholic way, you can tie a tiny cross on their bedroom curtain.

Tie the crucifix to a high place on the curtain where the children cannot take it down while playing.

In the living room

You can hang a crucifix on the wall in your living room. A majority of homeowners spend a lot of time in their living rooms.

Therefore, the living room is the best place to create and showcase a religious lifestyle.

In the kitchen

Your kitchen wall has open walls where you can hang a crucifix. Choose a place on the kitchen wall where the cross will be easily visible as you walk in.

The crucifix will be a constant reminder of Christ and a beautiful artifact.

On a designated prayer area

Catholics create a prayer area in their homes. Here, they place their cross, light candles for the saints, and say prayers.

You can create such a shrine in your home by mounting a crucifix on a wall in a secluded space or placing it on a coffee table.

Why is it necessary to hang a crucifix in your home?

Catholics strongly believe in the power of the crucifix. As a Catholic, you should have a crucifix in your home because:

Your home is a holy place

As a catholic, your home is a place where you teach your family Christian values and ensure they are upheld.

The inhabitants are confirmed by the Holy Spirit, baptized by water, and sanctified through the sacrament. These factors make your home a church.

Hanging the crucifix is a constant reminder to your family and guests of this fact.

Hope for tough times

The crucifix is a constant reminder of Christ’s amazing love for the catholic. The great sacrifice Christ made on the cross shows the depth of his love.

That assurance gives a catholic the strength to endure hardship.

The saints set the example

The saints valued time spent in prayer in front of a crucifix. Martyrs and other saints demonstrated their devotion by spending hours staring at a crucifix.

Not every catholic has the strength to achieve what the saints did. However, hanging the crucifix in your home helps you remember to meditate and pray often.

For protection

The crucifix reminds Catholics that Christ conquered every evil through death and resurrection.

A catholic believes that the cross has the power to protect the home and those who live in it against evil.

Catholics pray for protection while facing the crucifix before leaving the house.

An opportunity to share your faith

When non-Christians see the crucifix hanging in your house, they will ask questions. The crucifix allows you to share about the death of Christ and its significance to your life.

The crucifix allows a catholic to share the hope in the religion.

How to hang a crucifix in your home for aesthetics

Where to put crucifix in the house?

One crucifix

Look for one beautiful huge crucifix that makes an artistic statement and strategically position it in your home. You can get a unique piece from an antique shop.

In a group

You can get different designs of crucifixes and hang them on one side of a wall in your home. The display can be captivating and thought-provoking If you get good pieces.

Repeated designs

Get a design of a crucifix you like and source for as many as possible of the same kind. The beauty will be in how you will arrange the crucifixes to come up with interesting shapes and designs.

Mixed culture

Crucifixes are different based on culture. For example, you can get crucifixes from Mexican, American, and African cultures.

The blend of cultures will create a beautiful masterpiece.


What does a red crucifix above the door in a home mean?

A red cross on a door was historically used to show houses where someone had caught the plague.

In the 1340s, this was a common practice to caution the public to stay away from a particular house.

Is it bad to hang a cross in your home?

No, it is not bad to hang a cross in your home. You can hang the cross in your home for religious or artistic purposes.

Must I hang the crucifix in every room?

No, you don’t have to hang the cross in every room. However, you can place it strategically where you can see it often.

Final Thoughts

Even though you may be hanging a crucifix in your home purely for religious purposes, it doesn’t mean that you cannot consider the potential aesthetic value.

Pick a crucifix cross that will add value to your spirituality and, at the same time, appeal to you and your visitors.

If you are not sure how long you will stay in a home, choose a temporary method to hang your cross.

If you use permanent installation methods, you may have to destroy your cross or leave it behind when moving to a new house.

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