How to Cover a Closet Without Doors (Creative Ways)

If you have an open closet in your room, it’s recommended to close it.

It is not mandatory to have a door in the closet. Without using doors, you should be able to conceal a closet.

Apartments currently are available in small sizes. Therefore, keeping the closet doors open is impossible, creating a barrier when moving around the space.

For that reason, many people opt to use something other than doors to cover closets.

Tips on How to Cover a Closet Without Doors

How to cover an open closet

Several options will complement the style or room decor of your home. Here are the most refined techniques we’ve found to conceal a closet that doesn’t have doors.

Sliding Door

They are the ideal option for closets that lack coverings. Hiring a professional to install your door is a great option.

However, if you are familiar with metal and wood, you can put the door yourself. A sliding door will also save a lot of space.

A closet with doors may make a tiny space appear even smaller. There is no need to maintain a specified distance when opening your closet when using a sliding door.

In addition, installing a sliding metal door gives your space a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. When you’re in a rush, sliding doors might come in handy.

When you have locked closet doors, it may take time to open and close them correctly. A sliding door can prevent you from such an ordeal.

Pocket Doors

These doors are an ideal choice for anybody looking to add doors to their closet while saving space.

Pocket doors are one of the most preferred closet door options since they glide effortlessly into the wall when you need to go into your closet, making them ideal if you have tiny space.

However, since pocket doors may be hard to set up, many homeowners will have to employ a professional to finish the task, raising the entire cost of the door.

However, having a sliding door may be worthwhile since it may add flair to your bedroom and provide the idea of a walk-in closet.


This is one of the most adaptable solutions for door replacement.

Curtains come in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, so you should have no trouble finding ones that fit in your closet and complement the decor of your house.

Other advantages of curtains are their ease of installation, maintenance, cleaning, and low cost.

Though curtains are one of the most common solutions for hiding a closet door, they have some drawbacks.

If you have an irregularly shaped closet or a distinct design, you may struggle to find curtains that suit the area or complement the design of your home.

If you still want curtains, you will have to have them custom-made, which might be pretty expensive depending on what you desire.

Also, if they are tugged too hard by people or your pets, they may rip or break.

Besides that, if you’re on a limited budget, curtains make an excellent substitute for closet doors.

Folding Screens

You may use a folding screen for a variety of purposes. These are a series of sheets joined by hinges and folded like a concertina to conceal various-sized areas.

They may be used as closet doors or as a fake wall, so if you decide not to use them as a closet door, you can always use them for another decorative purpose.

They are commonly used as partitions for dressing rooms and other purposes in Asia, where they originated.


How to install a DIY closet door

Bead doors aren’t as popular as they once were, but they’re becoming more popular nowadays. If you’ve never heard of a bead door, it’s just threads of beads hanging in a doorway. 

This provides a small barrier between two spaces that are both visually appealing. It will serve as a barrier separating your room and the closet in this scenario.

Putting a bead door is a fast process, so it will appeal to you if you want to get things done quickly.

When you install a bead door as a closet door replacement, you will have easy access to your closet at all times. Push the beads out of the way and get anything you need.

It’s a straightforward solution that will appeal to those searching for something different from the standard.

Bead doors come in many colors and styles, so if you browse around, you’ll be able to locate some pretty unique options.


Mirrored closet doors wonderfully reflect light across space, making tiny rooms appear much larger and more open.

They may provide extra décor to any area because they are frequently adorned with elegant trim and knobs.

This closet door style is convenient since it eliminates the need for full mirrors in your room, allowing you to conserve space.

Mirrors, like other solutions, have certain drawbacks.

While they might make your room appear larger, they can also reflect any disarray in the space, perhaps making it feel packed and chaotic.

It would be best to clean them regularly to maintain their appearance and avoid getting dirty, making your room seem cluttered and less effective at reflecting light about your area.

Accordion Doors

Unlike some other closet door solutions, accordion doors reduce space in the room while still allowing simple access to the goods in the closet.

Accordion doors fold in on themselves and take up little space. They are lightweight, affordable, and simple to hang.

However, because they remain in the doorframe, they might make it impossible for certain people to access the entire closet.

Furthermore, they frequently generate a loud clacking sound that might wake others when they fold up.

Another disadvantage of accordion doors is that they are constructed of plastic, which causes them to age and shatter.

Louver Doors

How to cover a closet with no doors

These doors open effortlessly to the side, allowing you to reach practically every section of your closet without a problem.

The doors are mounted on tracks, allowing them to move freely and silently open and close, making them a quiet alternative.

However, because of the slatted shape of the door, many louvered doors are hard to keep clean. As a result, they are prone to becoming dusty.

Some doors have a propensity to fall out of their tracks. This is aggravating for homeowners since they might be tough to alter.

On the plus side, the gaps in the doors allow air to circulate within the closet, resulting in natural ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is a Bypass Closet Door?

A bypass closet door is a classic sliding door that consists of two or even more door panels that glide along a rail track.

Sometimes, wardrobe closet doors can be mirrors, blackboard paneling, glass, and wood veneer.

Do Closets Have to Have Doors to be Considered Bedrooms?

A space is considered a bedroom in the real estate sector if it contains a closed door, a window, and a closet.

When establishing the number of bedrooms in a specific residence, property assessors will use the exact bedroom definition—that is, it must contain a door, a closet, and a window.

Final Thoughts

Whatever alternative you select, be sure that what you’re purchasing fits correctly in your closet and is appropriately installed. 

With so many possibilities for covering your closet, you’ll be able to pick one that you’ll enjoy no matter what your style or likes are.

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